From Teen Mom to Agency CEO Managing Multi-Million Dollar Accounts, AMA

Jena Apgar
Apr 9, 2018

Ever see that show Teen Mom on MTV? The mockery that is made of moms? Yes moms! A teen pregnancy is not the end of the world and can in many instances be the fire that spurs you onto an extraordinary life.

From a teen pregnancy to joining the military to interior design to starting a blog to build up women business owners and freelancing to running a Digital Marketing Agency with 7 employees and training business owners in a complete Business Growth Network....being a mom, even a teen mom, isn't the end of the world. It's the start.

Two bad marriages, fired during the recession, 3 kids, 2 huskies and a lawyer husband. Life isn't easy, but you can conquer it each and every day.

Anyone can learn what I do, digital marketing, without an expensive college degree. 

Ask me how I did it.

Ask me what books and mentors got me there.

Ask me tips of the trade.

Ask me how to build your business; double it even.

Just don't ask me to stop :)

What I do for businesses these days:

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Did you still manage to pursue a college degree? If so, did you eventually graduate? If not, do you plan to continue your studies in the future?
Apr 16, 1:37PM EDT0
Would you ever consider being a full-time mom and housewife instead of having a professional career?
Apr 16, 1:02PM EDT0
You mentioned one does need any expensive education to learn digital marketing - do you have any recommended online courses or books one can start reading to learn?
Apr 16, 10:35AM EDT0
What's your advice to parents who need to talk to their kids about safe sex and reproductive health? What's a good age to start talking to kids about these things?
Apr 16, 8:41AM EDT0
What is the best way to deal with unsupportive parents being a teen mum?
Apr 14, 6:17AM EDT0
How early is too early to get pregnant? How to deal with people judgment for being a teen mom?
Apr 14, 12:37AM EDT0
Why do you consider politic to be dirty and infested?
Apr 14, 12:20AM EDT0

Great to see you here Jena! My question is: how do you balance so many things and still have time for family/personal time? :D

Last edited @ Apr 13, 9:49AM EDT.
Apr 13, 9:49AM EDT1
How long did you serve in the military? What is your rang?
Apr 13, 6:19AM EDT1
What do you write to in your blog?
Apr 11, 8:15AM EDT0

The lesson here is to speak to something SPECIFIC. Hyper specific. We have 3 blogs and all have different purposes and content for our business. MomBoss, is more for moms, interests, reviews, coaches, news. This has taken a back seat but will increase this year with a pillar post or editorial post daily. Warfare Marketing, is more for, what content do we need to educate clients on our service. Business Growth Network's blog, features our speakers to increse SEO and engagment and writes about the business information owners need. 

Apr 16, 1:59PM EDT0
What are the key differentiators between these three platforms: linkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook?
Apr 10, 12:21PM EDT0

Why you gotta ask long questions! In short, LinkedIn is not a place where people chill - they come for a reason, but undeveloped in a lot of ways so a lot of opportunity there. Facebook is like the Radio of the day. People spend hours, but as they are the big kid on the block, more rules, pay to play but SO many users. Business page is like the living webpage, I prefer ads in a retargeting way. Twitter - man, almost dead in the water, couldn't even get a buyer, then Trump became the Presidential nominee and couldn't put down the Tweets. Now they are trying to square themselves away and revemp. Great for events and like LinkedIn, for reaching out to people that may seem untouchable and unreachable.

Apr 10, 1:13PM EDT0
How do you think digital marketing has changed over the last 5 years and how did you manage to stay updated on the changes in few years?
Apr 10, 5:44AM EDT0

I stay on top by being in paid groups of pros who keep us all up to date in their specific niche: In the last few years, I see the industry tightning toward UX and integrations that are more seemless. And always towards more value to the end user so they continue to use the platform. 

Apr 10, 1:51PM EDT0
How is competitive analysis used by your digital agency, and how does it impact SEO?
Apr 10, 5:21AM EDT0

Alway. All clients must go through a Marketing Strategy as part of onboarding. For SEO, for ourselves, 4x the organic visitors with one article based on our own strategy with one 7,000 word post no one else had using the long tail key words: For a client, we looked at the garbage content the largest competitor spit out and matched it 10x with optins, pixels and retargeting. We provide TRUE value with our SEO content which is key. Don't just put out BS content for SEO, add value

Apr 10, 1:23PM EDT0
How have you seen the role of women in this industry change?
Apr 10, 3:23AM EDT0

In my time? No :( In the military, a little, not enough. Most don't know female veterans started the original #MeToo movement under a different hashtag. In Marketing, 50% are women. 25% of the population are women in my large marketing groups. Less than 8% on stage. They build freelance companies, small shops, solopreneurs or work as employees. Kills me inside. My mission personally is to blow through all that and build a $20 mil a year revenue company so that I can coach other women to do the same. If I can do it, anyone can. But there are big hurdles I am seeing that women are afraid to take the risk to jump over.

Apr 10, 1:21PM EDT0
What is the social media platform that you’re seeing the most engagement on?
Apr 9, 9:28PM EDT1

Facebook rules that roost for quality. I am watching one post on a friend / partner's personal account with over 1000 comments across 3 months! Revit does a great job, but like the wild wild west. Twitter is trying to make a good comeback. Microsoft will try to launch LinkedIn. SnapChat will fall. 

Apr 9, 11:15PM EDT0
How important do you think Digital Marketing is in the entire marketing landscape? What is the cornerstone of any digital marketing campaign in current times?
Apr 9, 7:10PM EDT1

Why would you spend $5,000 a month on a billboard with no tracking or return when I can spend $1,800 on Google and oduble a business? Youtube and netflix originals are changing the TV ad landscape. Expect to see more of that as people in droves cancel cable. Newspapers are dying and Facebook ads rising. Radio is dying; iHeart media is in bankruptcy! Magazines are falling. I am seeing an uptic in Direct Mail response as people like holding something....but most still goes in the trash. Corner stones are cohesive, systems. We can consistently double businesses in most industries with Google Ads > Landing Pages with GREAT offers > Thank You Pages > Email & CRM followup > Facebook retargeting ads. Boom. I am seeing this simplified as Yelp makes a play with their new Partner program.

Apr 9, 11:19PM EDT0
What are the first three things someone should do if they have little or no social presence and want to change that?
Apr 9, 7:09PM EDT1

1) Build your brand out with colors, several versions of the logo, inspiration images. We build a whole brand guide. 2) Sit down and program the entire year of evergreen content. Build in groups of 52 (one post for every monday in a year). Use a schedule program like eClincher: in auto post. One post a day done. Fill in with campaigns and live shots. 3) Engage, listen and share. 

Apr 9, 11:23PM EDT0
What is that one piece of advice that you would like to give to upcoming Marketers?
Apr 9, 6:50PM EDT1

Less classes, certifications, training, conventions and more getting your hands dirty implementing

Apr 9, 11:13PM EDT0
Could you provide some examples of how you work with clients and essentially describe what your company does?
Apr 9, 3:40PM EDT1

This post covered a lot of our initial process with a client: After the strategy, the direction it goes depends on what they need. Some we work by the project to move forward, others we come on as full fractional CMOs taking over every aspect. For one client we even project manage, design and order a product of the month with displays, their store displays (remember former designer) to their Yelp ads, CRM and branding their merchandise.

Apr 9, 11:36PM EDT0
How do you keep yourself updated on the latest trends in Digital Marketing? What are your go-to resources?
Apr 9, 1:11PM EDT1

I take in info like a firehose military style. I am in DigitalMarketer Lab with an online community of over 11,000. I can ask any question, and it gets answered. And there is a high level pro in every field in there keeping us up to date: It is rare I have to actively go outside that group...though they might point to an outside article.

Apr 9, 9:37PM EDT0
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