I am the mother of an almost 14-year old energetic teenage girl, former corporate sales and marketing director, turned full-time entrepreneur who has been diagnosed with the life-threatening and rare Cushing’s disease which has resulted in having two brain tumors removed in a span of three years. I use my experiences to empower women to overcome all obstacles to reach their life, career, professional and entrepreneurial goals through coaching, marketing consulting, speaking, workshops and my self-published book. AMA

DaVita Garfield
Mar 10, 2018

This photo is a huge reminder of the first time I had ever felt beautiful about a disease that at one point made me feel so ugly from the inside out. From not understanding why this happened to me to not being able to explain to others how I felt when I was really in the thick of it. From the unseen issues like depression, anxiety, hypertension, chronic pain and fatigue to the visible symptoms like hair loss, weight gain and acne. From almost completely losing myself and my will to live to finally understanding the purpose for my pain and my mission in life! 

Living through a rare disease and brain tumor hasn't always been as joyful as this picture, however, learning to embrace the journey is what has allowed me to find a way to use my experience to help other women.

After some intentional work to live my best life I found a way to combine my health and life challenges with my professional career skills to start my own business.  empoWermentNOW is a full-service coaching and consulting company that specializes in helping women identify and reach their life goals on purpose and without apology. empoWermentNOW offers 1-on-1 coaching, group and corporate coaching as well as business, marketing and branding consulting for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

My purpose is to support, empower and uplift.  Ask Me Anything!

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Why did you leave your job in corporate sales?
Mar 13, 3:14PM EDT0
Where was your photo taken? Was it at an event about Cushing's disease or something else?
Mar 13, 12:35PM EDT0
When were you diagnosed with Cushing's disease? What kind of symptoms did you have?
Mar 13, 5:32AM EDT0
What is the most common mistake made by small businesses when it comes to branding?
Mar 13, 2:35AM EDT0
What do you do to raise your 14 year old daughter as a strong empowered woman?
Mar 12, 7:45PM EDT0
How should a woman go about identifying her life goals?
Mar 12, 2:44PM EDT0
What does your daughter think about all the things that you do?
Mar 12, 11:36AM EDT0
How were the brain tumours diagnoses- what kinds of problems did you start having to get you checked out for a brain tumour?
Mar 12, 5:36AM EDT0
What sort of programs do you offer to businesses? Do they involve the men in the company as well or focus just on women?
Mar 11, 1:23PM EDT0
How did you cope the surgery and afterwards? Who took care of you?
Mar 11, 1:10PM EDT0

Hi Hasan2082. 

I was so blessed to have the support of my family and friends after both surgeries. My cousin stayed with me after my first surgery and took care of me and made sure my daughter was taken care of every day.  My second surgery in September 2017, I had the in-house support of my daughter, my dad and my fiancé.  Both surgeries and recoveries were challenging. The second recovery was more challenging to me because I had a longer stretch of feeling bad with endless body pain and fatigue. I am so grateful for the support I received at home and from friends, clients and other supporters who sent kinds words, prayers, food, money, etc. 

Mar 12, 12:50AM EDT0
Do you ever worry that your daughter might get Cushing's one day? Is it hereditary?
Mar 11, 11:20AM EDT0

Hi Tasana123.

Before I began to really do my research and learn as much as l could about the disease I did have worried about my daughter getting Cushing’s.  It is not thought to be a genetic disease that can be passed down, so I don’t worry so much about her getting it. I am the only person ever diagnosed on both my maternal and paternal sides. I do know however, that there is research being done to determine if there is a common characteristic of the genetic makeup of people diagnosed with Cushing’s, especially those with pituitary adenomas.  I am very supportive of medical organizations that take special interest in rare disease to find cures and support.  

Mar 12, 12:40AM EDT0
What is your favourite marketing strategy, the one that you use the most?
Mar 11, 10:40AM EDT0
Do you have any advice for a young woman who is becoming an entrepreneur for the first time?
Mar 11, 8:18AM EDT0

Hi Van.  I would encourage her to believe that she can accomplish whatever she desires as along as she has an action plan.  I would then advise to become very clear on what it is that she wants to do, learn as much as she can from people who have already walked the path she is venturing down. She should seek virtual mentors that she studies and follows. But also, seek out mentors she can volunteer for so that she can get hands on learning and information. If she has fears, I would encourage her to acknowledge them and then push through them. I would encourage her to fail over and over until she learns the lessons she needs to succeed.  Lastly, I would encourage her to follow her passions and never ever give up.

Mar 12, 12:32AM EDT0

Do you do seminars at churches ?every year we try to have a womans conference & are looking for new thing each year

Mar 10, 11:28PM EST0

Hi Melissa.  Yes I do. I have a few women's conferences at churches coming up this year that I will be speaking and doing a few workshops.  I would love to support so please keep me in mind.  www.davitagarfield.com/bookdavita.html 

Mar 12, 12:01AM EDT0

Do you ever come to Missouri?

Mar 10, 11:25PM EST0

Hi Melissa.  I have never been to Missouri but I would love to visit if the there was an opportunity.  I definitely travel.

Mar 11, 11:50PM EDT0

Do you offer coaching, marketing consulting, speaking, and  workshops to ALL  companies or is it only for female based organizations? ( I feel your story and experiences could and would help both and am curious if you have organizational / marketing and consulting  seminars to offer that help companies not just by balancing personal-family-& work life..but also helping them create better work relationships together? With the recent media spotlight focusing on sexual harrassment , equal pay and other obstacles in the workplace that woman face and now in many cases what men face due to their questioning what IS AND ISNT appropriate working close to woman in the workforce. 

Mar 10, 10:51PM EST0

Hi Heather. 

I absolutely offer my services to all companies and corporate spaces.  My passion is working with companies from leadership down about work-life balance, team building and improving working relationships to improve sales and revenue.

Mar 12, 12:24AM EDT0
Do you have any regrets about leaving the corporate world behind and pursuing entrepreneurship full time?
Mar 10, 7:54PM EST0

Hi Van. Great question.  I don’t have any regrets.  I am so grateful for my corporate experience and the journey because it helped to build my skills, my confidence and truly value what I had to offer outside of the corporate space.  I did have fears prior to leaving about being fully responsible financially however, I made a plan and I trusted that I was ready. 

Mar 12, 12:17AM EDT0
What kind of workshops do you run? Where do you run your workshops, in what cities or areas?
Mar 10, 4:20PM EST1

Hi Filip56. 

I facilitate workshops that are centered around women’s empowerment, stepping out and into entrepreneurship, creating strategic plans for your business, brand identity and content creation. I also conduct workshops for small businesses on creating, maintaining and growing team vision for business growth.  Lastly, I have a series of workshops that I run for girl’s through my girl’s mentoring program that I currently run in high schools and group homes in the Philadelphia area.

Mar 10, 6:15PM EST1
How do you balance a busy career and raising a teenager?
Mar 10, 3:21PM EST1

Hi Jostan. Great question.  When my daughter was 3 years old, I decided to go back to school and get my master’s degree.  The result of learning how to work fulltime, be the primary caregiver for a little girl and going to school turned out to be a gift and a curse for me.  It was in those grueling nights, missed social gatherings and pure exhaustion that I learned I could “do it all”.  The gift, was this new chase to grow in my career, push myself to open doors that I would never have dared to try and open before including moving into middle and finally corporate management.  The curse was that I was seriously trying to “do it all”.  My quality time with my daughter was often conference calls in the car on the way home, sitting with her to watch Disney movies while on my laptop and dinner with my head down on my cell phone.  I thought I was doing the best for her because the hard work and career climb was allowing me to provide and expose her to a lifestyle I did not have growing up.  However, during my sickness I remember her clinging to me more and more and wanting more of my time because she thought she was going to lose me.  It was then that my perspective began to change about what was important to me.  As I pushed to fight for my health, I also began to create a plan that would allow me to accomplish all my goals and spend quality with my daughter. I am grateful the for lessons learned during that time because today I have the flexibility to “do it all” on my own terms.  My business allows me to turn everything off when I need or want to give her my full attention.

Mar 10, 6:04PM EST0
Why did you choose to self publish your book? Did you approach any publication companies?
Mar 10, 1:58PM EST1

Hi Aminah.  

I never approached any publishing companies because I never set out be a writer.  While I do understand the controversy and difference of opinions about self-publishing I didn’t really think much of it when I decided to do it. Writers often seek the validation of their writing from someone wanting to publish their work and I totally respect that because writing is a creative skill that changes lives and deserves recognition.  However, I didn’t write my book because I’m a writer.  I wrote the book because it was another platform to share my experiences, lessons learned and expertise to help others.  It serves the same purpose as my speaking, videos, workshops, coaching and consulting. My validation comes from being able to help as many people as I can in as many ways as I can and the book was simply another way.

Mar 10, 3:57PM EST1
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