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Jun 10, 2018

I am a passionate female leader who has traveled the globe. 

In the course of my career, I’ve moved from telecommunications to finance to insurance to beauty. I’m constantly learning new industries and adapting my skills to help companies through major technology transitions, mergers & acquisitions, insourcing & outsourcing, and global technology operations.  I pride myself on my wide-ranging, globe-trotting, industry experience. I believe that in order to find the right processes and technology strategies, it’s important to take off the blinders and truly experience the culture you’re working in.

When I pry myself away from this work I love so much, I spend my free time training for triathlons, half-marathons, and IronMans. I enjoy playing golf with friends and business associates and am a member at Winged Foot Golf Club. I’ve found that running and sports keep me balanced and arm me with a mental toughness and focus that come in handy in everything I do.  

I have completed over 55 half-marathons, two full marathons, four triathlons, and two Iron man, while managing a global team in over 162 countries.

I was recently named President of nThrive where she will be leading the charge and massive digital transformation for the global healthcare organization. Among many notable industry awards as a powerhouse woman in tech, I was awarded a 2017 Stevie® Award for Excellence in Transforming Business, competing with over 1500 CIOs and CTOs, and has been featured in renowned publications including Forbes, Huffington Post, Triathlete Magazine, SWAAY and more.

My theory is that an individual's personal wellness must be a top priority in order to achieve one's major corporate goals. As a competitive athlete and avid runner dedicated to a strict fitness and nutrition regime, I participate in ongoing marathons) and iron man competitions across the globe.

 I attribute many of her most prized leadership qualities, including motivation, perseverance and a stellar ability to navigate the daily struggle of balance, to her active and healthy lifestyle that is the impetus for my day-to-day accomplishments.

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Are you taking part in any running competition in the upcoming months?
Jun 12, 12:14AM EDT0
How is your approach to truly experience the culture you are working in?
Jun 11, 5:03PM EDT0
Why was important to you to move across industries?
Jun 11, 5:02PM EDT0
What are the attributes that, according to you, have made you succeed in the corporate world?
Jun 11, 4:52PM EDT0
In your opinion, what are the main differences between female leadership versus male leadership?
Jun 11, 2:42PM EDT0
What are your views of the Millenial generation and their impact on the corporate world through social media?
Jun 11, 8:23AM EDT0
Why is a good dietary and exercise regiment vital for both the body and mind of a woman looking to excel in the corporate world?
Jun 11, 12:39AM EDT0
Why did you choose your position at nThrive as the next step in your career, what is it about the company or the position that will allow you to fulfill your professional goals?
Jun 10, 11:50PM EDT0
How do you go about constantly learning new industries and adapting your technology skills to help companies through major technology transitions?
Jun 10, 7:51PM EDT0
In what ways can a woman use her cultivation of self-awareness as a tool for progressing her career?
Jun 10, 7:16PM EDT0
How has a healthy lifestyle personally helped you to achieve success professionally?
Jun 10, 7:12PM EDT0
What are your 10 guiding principals to success in the corporate industry and why do you attribute your successes to these principals?
Jun 10, 4:33AM EDT0
What do you think keeps so many intelligent and skilled women from climbing the corporate ladder and what advice would you offer in this regard?
Jun 10, 4:24AM EDT0
What are your roles as responsibilities as the President of Data and Analytics for nThrive and how do you balance you multiple personal and professional pursuits with that of your current career?
Jun 10, 12:43AM EDT0
What techniques do you use to drive the initiatives of your clients forward and what personal attributes do you rely on in order to do so?
Jun 9, 9:15PM EDT0
What is your management philosophy and how has your global experience in the IT and corporate industry affected its evolution?
Jun 9, 5:56PM EDT0
What is the professional legacy you would like to leave behind, and what steps are you or have you taken in order to ensure this legacy?
Jun 9, 5:44PM EDT0
How would you describe your approach to helping women succeed in the business world and what were the factors that evolved your approach to what it is now?
Jun 9, 4:52PM EDT0
What methods do you use to truly inspire change and growth within the organizations and people you help?
Jun 9, 9:43AM EDT0
How does the nThrive analytics system work and what new and innovative technology was included in its development?
Jun 9, 6:51AM EDT0
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